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John W. Engeman Theater

"From the moment she enters with that famous line, “Sing out, Louise,” echoing from the back of the theater, Michele Ragusa as Mama Rose has you in her grip. Following in impressive footsteps — Ethel Merman, the first Rose, was followed by, among others, Angela Lansbury, Patti LuPone and Bernadette Peters — Ragusa is a wall of steel in portraying the steadfast determination required to get her daughters top billing, or any billing, really, on the vaudeville circuit".


- Newsday


"And Michele Ragusa is thrilling as Mama Rose. Certainly a favorite among the enthusiastic audience is her powerful renditions of the classic numbers “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”, “Rose’s Turn”, “Small World” and “You’ll Never Get Away From Me” receive thunderous applause".


- BroadwayWorld


"Michele Ragusa is an incredible force to be reckoned with as Rose.  Her brilliant characterization and vocals, combined with fabulous eyes has you believing every line".


- TheatreGuide




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"But, it's MICHELE RAGUSA'S over the top performance as the Lady of the Lade that really lifts the show to new heights.  Her sassy, comic attitude combined with her diva-like vocal chops really adds something special to the show, and it's a shame that her number, "The Diva's Lament", actually rings true, when it's supposed to be a gag". — BroadwayWorld

Adrift In Macao

Primary Stages

"Ms. Ragusa give an inspired comic performance with consistently hilarious effect."

          —New York Times


"Ragusa is an absolute scream.....threatening to steal the show with nearly every entrance and exit."   —


"The wonder of it all is Michele Ragusa, bringing inspired wit and timing to her Lucille Ball–type opium addict.  Don't miss it! — Liz Smith,Page Six

Singing In The Rain



"Then there is  Michele Ragusa, who amplifies the supporting role of nasal-enhanced silent screenstar Lina Lamont into a deliciously droll star turn.  Ragusa has stolen everything of value from Jean Hagan's caricature performance in the movie, then ratcheted it up an octave to present a lovably monstrous cretin.  — Riverfront Times

For The Boys

Marriott Lincolnshire



"As in the film, it is Dixie who is the driving force here. And Ragusa, a New York import, is terrific, with a voice and style ideally suited to the story’s “vintage” aspects, and with a subtle suggestion of aging that is wholly believable".  — Chicago Sun Times


Into The Woods
Kansas City Rep

"As a cackling witch, Michele Ragusa triumphs with the run-on, double-time exposition of "Greens, Greens" and the latent hip-hop...who command's the show's greatest moments. Ragusa, playing her wicked witch as an impossibly tough-minded single mother, belts as well as she cackles...The brooding "Last Midnight" gathers up slowly and dangerously like a storm, and Ragusa's heavens-breaking treatment might be the show's most powerful moment...With that ending, the music swells to yet another new peak, and Kaufman's staging is magnificent."  — The Pitch-Kansas City

"Director Moises Kaufman has assembled a first-rate cast...Standouts are Michele Ragusa, who. as the Witch. undergoes an extraordinary physical transformation and demonstrates a refined comic sensibility... — Kansas City Star

Kiss Me Kate

Paper Mill Playhouse



"Here's the soprano for which New Jersey should really be famous, not that gangster."  - Star Ledger


" can't get much better than when Michele Ragusa, as Lilli Vanessi, the leading lady, pours her heart out in "So In Love".....Ms. Ragusa is a dead ringer for Kathryn Grayson, from the 1953 film version.....(She) has a full, emotion-rich voice and star-quality presence." —New York Times

"Ragusa boasts a sweet voice with gorgeous top notes.  Her bounding declaration, "I Hate Men", is a hilarious portrait of shrewish rage, and when she calms down she is beautifully poised."  —Variety





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