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Up Coming:

"Kiss Me Kate" - Staged Book in Hand

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra - Matthew Kraemer

May 19-20, 2018


Toronto Symphony - Holiday Pops - Stuart Chafetz

Kennedy Center Holiday Pops - Marvin Hamlisch

Buffalo Philharmonic - "Buffalo Sings!" - John Morris Russell

Buffalo Philharmonic Holiday Pops - JoAnn Falletta

Detroit Symphony - Best of Broadway - Stuart Chafetz

Oklahoma City Symphony Christmas Show - Joel Levine (2012/2015)

Long Beach Symphony Holiday Pops - Stuart Chafetz

"Funny Girl" - Buffalo Philharmonic Staged Concert - Matthew Kraemer

Naples Symphony Holiday Pops - Stuart Chafetz

Kansas City Symphony - "The Music Man" - Staged Concert

Naples Sympony - Patriotic Pops - Stuart Chafetz

Westfield Symphony - New Year's Eve - David Wroe

Chautauqua Symphony Patriotic Pops - Stuart Chafetz

Indianapolis Symphony Broadway Pops - Stuart Chafetz

Long Island Philharmonic - "Lights, Camera, Oscars"

Phoenix Symphony Patriotic Pops - Stuart Chafetz

"Kiss Me Kate" - Buffalo Phil. Staged Concert - Matthew Kraemer

Baltimore Symphony Best of Broadway  - Stuart Chafetz

Buffalo Philharmonic - Patriotic Celebration - JoAnn Falletta

Abilene Philharmonic - "Lights, Camera, Oscar" - David Itkin

Jackson Symphony Holiday Pops  - Matthew Kraemer
Buffalo Philharmonic Holiday Pops - JoAnn Falletta


“The glamorous guest star, Michele Ragusa, who flew in from the East to add spice, sass, excitement and pizzazz to the show. This gal is so gifted, she completely commanded the stage as she delivered the goods and captivated the audience. In fact, when she belted out some of her songs, she was reminiscent of Judy Garland. You want Christmas classics? Michele can sing classics. You want musical theater show tunes? Michele is a pro at Broadway theater melodies. You want jazz, scat, or traditional blues? Michele can sing any style that’s asked for. BTW, each time she appeared she was dressed in a different, va-va-voom eye-catching gown."
          —Long Beach Gazette


"Ragusa is tremendous. She is a real pro — fresh from Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein,” Falletta announced. You can see what Mel Brooks would love about her — she’s a born comedian, funny and natural, with a clear voice that carries and allows you to catch every word. Stevens - a perfect foil for her… knows enough to let Ragusa be the star and simply be his fine self."
          —Buffalo News

"Ragusa towered over everyone with her strong, sure pipes and assurance......Her delivery, including an impressive array of vaudeville effects, often made me laugh out loud."
          —"Funny Girl" Buffalo News


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